Vulture Lord launch “Desecration Rite”

    Vulture Lord is back as a mix of Urgehal, Carpathian Forest, Beastcraft and Endezzma memebers with this new album

    The legendary Norwegian band returns after 18 years with their second full-length, material once composed by Nefas from Urgehal! New line-up consists of musicians from Urgehal, Carpathian Forest, Beastcraft and Endezzma.

    The album will be out in June 2021. Cover art was prepared by Jorge Vimendy from Sick Graphic. Do not expect more than blasphemous rituals, necromancy, stench of death and Devil worship!

    Tracklist of “DESECRATION RITE”:  

    Glorification of the Dethronation
    2. Bloodbound Militia
    3. Stillborn Messiah
    4. The Vulture Lord
    5. Diabolical Intervention
    6. Prepare the Coffin
    7. Beneficial Martyrdom
    8. Burning the Kingdom of God
    9. Perverting the Bible

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