Vote for BEST of ROCK and BLOG 2019 Contest

vote best of rock and blog

We have opened the voting for selecting BEST of ROCK and BLOG 2019

It is time to open the voting to select the best of the year, which will then be part of our lists of the “BEST of ROCK and BLOG” 2019 Edition.

As past years we will open different options to vote through our websites and social networks. Voting will be open until December 10 and we encourage you to share it with whoever you want.

From Rock and Blog we are releasing our BEST OF ROCK and BLOG awards (Also known as the Grammy of the Real Rock hahahaha) which in this 2019 edition includes the following categories:

  • Best Melodic and Hard Rock albums of 2019
  • Best HEAVY METAL albums of 2019
  • Vote for the best HARD METAL albums in 2019
  • Best live rock bands of 2019
  • Best new Rock bands in 2019
  • We will also make a selection of the best Rock videos of 2019

Now here there are the first lists where you can vote. We remind you that in each list you can select up to 5 answers and if you want us to add a band that does not appear, leave a comment here or in our social networks and then we will add them.



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