Video: IRON MAIDEN performing “Alexander The Great” live for the first time


IRON MAIDEN surprises with the setlist of “The Future Past Tour” premiere, including live debuts like the highly anticipated “Alexander The Great”

Attention, metal lovers! The iconic British heavy metal legends, IRON MAIDEN, kicked off their epic “The Future Past Tour” today (Sunday, May 28) in the beautiful city of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In this exciting tour, IRON MAIDEN treats us to a unique experience by performing a selection of never-before-heard songs from their latest studio album, “Senjutsu,” live for the first time. Additionally, they will take us back to the glorious days of 1986 with a special focus on their legendary LP “Somewhere In Time,” while also not forgetting other classic hits that have left their mark on us.

The Stožice Arena stadium, with a capacity to accommodate 12,000 metal-hungry souls, witnessed an unforgettable show. IRON MAIDEN surprised us with live debuts of “Days Of Future Past,” “The Time Machine,” “Death Of The Celts,” and “Hell On Earth” from their latest album “Senjutsu,” as well as making us resonate with the iconic “Alexander The Great” from “Somewhere In Time.”

Here is the list of songs performed by IRON MAIDEN:

  1. Caught Somewhere In Time (first time since 1987)
  2. Stranger In A Strange Land (first time since 1999)
  3. The Writing On The Wall
  4. Days Of Future Past (debut)
  5. The Time Machine (debut)
  6. The Prisoner (first time since 2014)
  7. Death Of The Celts (debut)
  8. Can I Play With Madness (first time since 2014)
  9. Heaven Can Wait (first time since 2008)
  10. Alexander The Great (debut)
  11. Fear Of The Dark
  12. Iron Maiden:
  13. Hell On Earth (debut)
  14. The Trooper
  15. Wasted Years

In an interview several years ago, Bruce Dickinson was asked why they had never played “Alexander The Great” live. Dickinson responded, “Because Adrian [Smith, guitarist] can’t remember the guitar solo.” Although Dickinson was joking, he also mentioned that when the song was originally written, they passed the solo through a series of advanced musical computing techniques of the time and simply couldn’t find the right rhythm.


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