US Death Metal Band THORN Unleashes Thrilling New Full-Length Album


Thorn’s Third Full-Length Album: A Maturation of Barbaric Death Metal Immersed in Atmospheric Brilliance

Thorn, a death metal band from the United States, has crafted an intriguing musical style that preserves the primal, brutal essence of the genre while incorporating awe-inspiring atmospheric elements. The interplay between these contrasting elements is executed brilliantly by the band, resulting in a captivating sound. We highly recommend watching their official video below :

Thorn, the underground death metal heroes, have reached new heights with their highly anticipated third album. This release stands as their most mature and immersive work to date, showcasing their unique blend of savage, old-school death metal intertwined with emotionally-charged atmospheric passages—a feat accomplished by only a select few bands.

As the music unfolds, it effortlessly navigates between ferocious, bludgeoning sections and poignant, introspective melodies, evoking a sense of bittersweet reminiscence. This contrasting interplay serves their style of doomy death metal brilliantly, particularly on this album, which embraces pronounced death metal influences and meticulously crafted song structures.

Curiously, the album’s tracks gradually escalate in violence following an initial soothing respite, captivating unsuspecting listeners and priming them for a ritualistic sonic onslaught. Yet, the album returns to its ethereal, dreamlike state, culminating in the triumphant title track—an encapsulation of Thorn’s signature sound.

Thorn has crafted a refreshing and gratifying album that effortlessly balances power and emotional resonance. Its impact is undeniable and destined to reverberate throughout the ages.

For fans of: Desecresy, Intestine Baalism, Edge of Sanity, Desultory, Fumes

Track listing –
1. Spectral Realms of Ethereal Light
2. Xenolith of Slime
3. Hypogean Crypt
4. Gaze of the Seer
5. Wastelands Dimly Lit
6. Phantom Noose
7. Sapien Death Spiral
8. Farron’s Covenant
9. Thanatos Basileos
10. Evergloom


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