TWO CAR TRAIN new Music Video ‘Gone Away’


Watch 80’s Synth Meet Guitar Shred In TWO CAR TRAIN’s Music Video ‘Gone Away’

Two Car Train have released their next single ‘Gone Away’ from the forthcoming debut album “Off The Rails”. Featuring killer vocal hooks, 80’s synths rhythms and shredding guitar, the song is about that feeling of invincibility that comes along with a new love. Yet, sadly comes crashing down and you’re torn apart. The Western hard soul experience is ecstatic to be able to share this music they have been working on feverishly since 2017. 

Their previous single ‘The Door’ can be heard here

Both singles are available for download and stream on CD BabyApple Music, and Spotify.

Two Car Train is comprised of musicians who amongst them, have extensive history performing and recording, which sets their debut album “Off The Rails” in a strategic position to be accessible and appeal to a wide variety of listeners with a penchant for the rock and indie markets. The debut albumis expected out later in 2020. They explain that it is both new and innovative while holding on to familiar elements. They expand:

“The album will be well received because it’s unlike anything out there right now, yet, it has a familiar vibe that harkens back to the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s that takes the listener on a musical journey through which they can relate in a way that can’t be put into words.”

About the band

In late 2014, Ray Ray called up an old friend Lyle Thistlewaite (drummer). Lyle told Ray Ray that he started working with a killer singer (Mike Brooks). Mike and Ray Ray clicked right away and realized they were in total music synchronicity.

Ray Ray brought in Ryan Jones (bass). Ryan and Ray Ray met in 2012 when they were hired guns/session players for Falling For Scarlet through to late 2013. Within 10min of Ryan auditioning for us, Lyle shouted….”You’re hired!”

Unfortunately, Lyle left in 2015 due to artistic differences.

Ray Ray then called on Jason Hagan (drums). Jason was a monster player and like Ryan, was hired within ten minutes of auditioning. Jason’s style and meter was like a freak of nature. Unfortunately, after playing with us for a year, tragedy struck and Jason’s life ended way too soon. This threw the band in total stagnation and mourning. For the next 8 months, a sea of drummers auditioned but none seemed to fit. We almost pulled the plug.  

​One day Ray Ray was an actor on a tv movie of the week. That’s where he met a fellow actor Nii Engmann. They hit it off instantly and couldn’t stop talking about music as the cameras were being adjusted. Nii came out to an audition, brought his funk-rock style of drumming and gelled with the band instantly.

With new vigor and intensity, TWO CAR TRAIN was not only back on track, but they were better than ever!


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