THOREN Launch “Raun Raeg” Guitar Playthrough


The Instrumental Prog/Tech-Death Project THOREN publish Guitar Playthrough For “Raun Raeg” At Captured Howls. Song is part of “Gwarth II” out now via Drylands Records. 

Detroit-based instrumental progressive death metal project Thoren, featuring current and former members of Imperial Triumphant and Pyrrhon, quite recently dropped their third full-length album, Gwarth II, on Friday, February 7th via Drylands Records. To keep the momentum going post-release a series of playthroughs will be released in order to visually showcase the impressive and unorthodox musicianship found throughout Gwarth II.

“This track alternates between death metal riff-lashes and increasingly aggressive frenzy, when the music feels like it’s falling in on itself over and over. The complex intricacy of the songs always builds on the straightforwardly captivating elements, delivering a unified burst of energy. In fact, the music feels quite impressive when the drum rhythm follows right along with the spastic tunes getting performed on the guitar. “Raun Raeg” proves just about irresistibly wild as the energy-driven tension piles up towards the dramatic rhythmic flourishes of the conclusion.”

Captured Howls comments on the playthrough premiere of “Raun Raeg”


While the core members of Thoren are guitarist and main songwriter Anthony Lipari alongside bassist Joseph Paquette, Gwarth II marks the second Thoren effort where drum duties were split between ex-Pyrrhon and live for Malignancy drummer Alex Cohen plus Imperial Triumphant and Secret Chief 3 drummer Kenny Grohowski. Splitting drum duties on different songs depending on where their unique styles fit best. 

The album is strongly recommended for fans of Blotted Science, Behold The Arctopus, Gorguts, Dysrhythmia, Meshuggah, Deathspell Omega, Martyr, Defeated Sanity, and fans of classical composer Krzysztof Penderecki.

Thoren – Gwarth II Line-Up

  • Anthony Lipari – Guitars (Evilyn, Vihaan)
  • Joseph Paquette – Bass (Evilyn)
  • Alex Cohen –  Drums  (Live for Malignancy, ex-Pyrrhon, Involuntary Convulsion, etc.)
  • Kenny Grohowski – Drums (Imperial Triumphant, Secret Chiefs 3, etc.) 


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