The Warning. “Queen Of The Murder Scene” album review

    “QUEEN OF THE MURDER SCENE” is the second album of The Warning, a power trio formed by three Mexican sisters, recorded as independents in the SOGA studios in Mexico with the producers Sacha Triujeque and Jake Carmona, the sisters had co-produced the album too.

    “QUEEN OF THE MURDER SCENE” is a conceptual album that consists of thirteen songs, divided into four chapters and a prologue, which gives an idea of ​​the literary hobbies of The Warning. [themoneytizer id=”21469-1″]

    From the shocking prologue, “Dust to Dust”, the album takes us on a journey of love, madness, murder and death until we reach the much descriptive “The End”.

    I must say that both the lyrics and the music have been written by these three sisters, Daniela, guitar and voice, Paulina, drums, piano and second voice and Alejandra bass and choirs. Them three alternate on the piano in live shows.


    These tracks (also edited on vinyl) vary in style, but not in intensity. The songs are full of nuances and interpreted with passion while Daniela’s voice takes us through different emotional states. Paulina is the voice of prologue and final, being always interesting to see her combine drums and voice in their direct ones. The powerful line of basses, the no less powerful drums, guitar and voice are put at the service of each song beyond personal likings.

    Their influences range from classic rock, Metallica to Foo Fighters or Muse, the alternative Hard Rock of the 90s and the beginning of the century but this does not prevent them from having their own style, fresh and very recognizable.

    The album, with a very careful production, full of instrumentation and combinations of voices, is very good. It is compact and homogeneous, there are no issues that stand out beyond personal taste, all scratching at a very good level by giving us some ballad as “Crimsom Queen”, to skirt the punk rock, “Psychotic”, passing through “Stalker”, “Red Hands Never Fade “,” Sinester Smile “,” Queen Of The Murder Scene “or” Hunter “.

    The Warning are undoubtedly a “rare avis”, their atypical characteristics and their insulting youth are, but it is evident that they know what they are doing.

    And they are just growing.


    • 1 Dust to Dust
    • Chapter 1
    • 2 Crimson Queen 
    • 3 Ugh
    • 4 The One 
    • Chapter 2
    • 5 Stalker 
    • 6 Red Hands Never Fade 
    • 7 The Sacrifice 
    • Chapter 3
    • 8 Sinester Smile 
    • 9 Dull Knives 
    • 10 Queen Of The Murder Scene 
    • Chapter 4
    • 11 Hunter 
    • 12 Psychotic 
    • 13 The End 

    THE WARNING  lineup

    • Daniela Villarreal (Guitar, Voice)
    • Paulina Villarreal (Drums, Keyboards, Voice)
    • Alejandra Villarreal (Bass, Voice)


    Available on all digital platforms and in:

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