THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA new video for “Golden Swansdown”


THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA has released official music video for “Golden Swansdown”

The one and only Nuclear Blast airforce THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA released their new album “Aeromantic” (Read our review here) on February, 28th, but this wasn’t the end of the story: Today, the Swedish hard rock super group unleashes a stunning music video for “Golden Swansdown” featuring dancer extraordinaire Ella Snellman. A remarkable fact about her performance: The dance was filmed in one take!

Guitarrist David Andersson states:

‘Golden Swansdown’, the new video release from THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA, is a classic  power ballad based around the themes of impossible attraction and the difficulties that arise when you let your heart rule your mind.

The video was filmed in the pre-apocalyptic late summer of 2019 by René U. Valdes. This might be the last shot of Earth as we knew it.

Featuring Rachel Hall on violin and John Lönnmyr on keyboards. Words and music by David Andersson.”

“Aeromantic” was produced and recorded at the Nordic Sound Labs Studios, Skara, Sweden, by THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA, assisted by Thomas Plec Johansson, and was mixed by Sebastian Forslund at Studio Valborg. Thomas Plec Johansson did the mastering at Panic Room Studios. Additional recording took place at Speedstrid Studios, Rymdberg Studios and Studio Valborg.


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