The Godfathers Single Review Double AA Side Released June 17th


The Godfathers “I’m Not Your Slave/Wild and Free” Double AA Side single released 17 th
June on Red Vinyl plus CD Single

Another outstanding slab of radio friendly, primal Rock and Roll from The Godfathers
begins with ‘I’m Not Your Slave’ which is instantly recognisable as the sound of classic
Godfathers of old and a sing along rock anthem if ever I heard one. Followed by ‘Wild and
Free’ which expresses the human desire to be free and the frustration at being dominated
by outside forces, which I am sure many can relate to.

Released to commemorate their 35 th Anniversary as a band, plus also to mark the first release from this line up of Peter Coyne on vocals, Billy Duncanson (drums) and Richie Simpson(guitar) from Heavy Drapes and Jon Priestly(bass) from The Damned and Wayne Vernaak (guitar). Encouraging in this day and age to hear a band lay down their message so well plus still have the ability to say something that is really relevant in these times. New album plus more touring in 2021, so if you loved their old stuff or or buy everything they put out get yourself along to one of their gigs plus buy one of these limited edition singles you won’t regret it.

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Tim Keppie


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