Bouncing into the New Year with a lively pop-punk track, The Bottom Line kick off the new decade with infectious track “Happy”.

Taking inspiration from the genre that the band comfortably sit in with peers like Sum 41, Simple Plan and more; “Happy” is the product of the bands work over the years, on the writing and recording of their sophomore album “No Vacation”.

Representing a battle in the form of a loving relationship, Cal Amies says: “I wrote happy while losing my mind on a strict diet. I’ve always had a lot of problems losing weight, so I decided to cut out my biggest problem, Chocolate. But you can’t write a song about junk food, so I made it into a love song. I wanted to make it as happy as possible so it’s kind of an oxymoron which I love!”.

The Bottom Line’s latest single “Happy” gives a taste of what’s to come from the band in 2020, a new year and a new decade. Their touring history as a band has helped them develop a stronger sound that brings more of a punch to the music.


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