Smash Into Pieces release 3D video for “Mad World”

Smash Into Pieces

Smash Into Pieces has launched a 3d video for called “Mad World” , 3D VIDEO OUT NOW

Smash into Pieces is a Swedish alternative rock and alternative metal musical group from Örebro and emerged in 2008 at the hands of Benjamin “Banjo” Jennebo. In 2012 they signed a contract with Gain / Sony Music and shortly thereafter they were named revelation group of the year according to “Bandit Rock Awards”.

Now following its usual innovative line, the band launches a new video in 3d under the title “Mad World”

“For a while now we have talked about recording a cover but we just couldn’t make up our minds about what song. After listening to our fans in to which song they would like us to record. I remember one girl writing to us about “MAD WORLD”. After listening to the lyrics, letting it sink in, I just couldn’t think of a more perfect track that would fit better on the ARCADIA album than Mad World”

Per Bergquist


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