Silent Planet Release New Single & Music Video “Trilogy”


Silent Planet Release “Trilogy”. it is a new song with a certain autobiographical theme about the mental problems suffered by the band’s frontman

Silent Planet have released a new single/video, “Trilogy” where the leader of the band recounts the moments suffered in a mental hospital during the process of recovery of their mental illnesses.

“I wrote this song in a mental hospital after a traumatic series of events in which my anxiety and depression threatened the continued existence of this band” states frontman, Garrett Russell. “The song details my reintroduction to myself… and our band’s reintroduction to the world. In a world of consumption and automation, we are learning how to be human again, and, despite all the noise, be still”.  “Trilogy” is the latest single following the 2019 release of Silent Planet’s 3rd full length, “When the End Began”, and their “Redux” 2020 edition of “The Night God Slept”.

Silent Planet

Since forming in 2009, Silent Planet have steadily gained traction by playing local venues throughout California and expanding to the DIY touring scene throughout the United States. Over the past 10+ years, the band gained prominence thanks to their vast array of influences, anchored by Russell’s master’s degree in psychology and field experience as a mental health therapist. This band reaches into the hearts and minds of their fans for a connection unlike many others. 


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