SABATON – unleash “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”

Sabaton new cinematic video

SABATON reveals “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” , the new cinematic video filmed in the Sahara desert

Sabaton unleash new cinematic music video for the song SEVEN PILLARS OF WISDOM, filmed under difficult circumstances in the Sahara desert.

Watch it here:

The song deals with the topic of the British archaeologist, diplomat and officer T.E Lawrence and his adventures during the Great War where he convinces local rebels to join him on a sabotage mission against the Ottoman Empire.

A lot of technical equipment, cars and generators broke down in the heat of the sun, not to mention the treacherous sandstorms that constantly haunted the recordings. On top of that, the band was also involved in a serious car accident.

Despite all the difficulties faced, Sabaton were able to produce the video in the way the band visualized and can now proudly reveal it.

Starring in the video as the main character is the Swedish American actor Indy Neidell who is also the host of the Sabaton History Channel. 

The video was directed by the Tunisian filmmaker Mehdi Jouni.

SEVEN PILLARS OF WISDOM is featured on Sabaton´s ninth studio album THE GREAT WAR, released in July 2019 and highly praised by fans and critics around the world.

The album is a concept album about the First World War. It reached higher chart positions than all previous Sabaton albums, including #1 in Germany.

“Finally we can share this great music video with you and show you that our trip to the Sahara not only led to the car  accident you have read about but actually to a great adventure and an even greater video.

We initially investigated ways to film this video in other locations, even in studios with greenscreen but in the end we decided to go to a suitable location.

I am very impressed with the band, the cast and the crew who all put in a lot of effort to make this happen,

Pär Sundström


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