RYAN WEBB releases new single “DONT”


UK-based rock artist, Ryan Webb, brings a fresh sound to the rock world. Ryan performs his carefully written songs with strong powerful vocals, and outstanding guitar skills. His ability to play complicated riffs while singing is comparable to many top bands. He has been likened to various artists on several occasions:

“With what appears to be an endless supply of air in his lungs, Ryan can quite easily rival the likes of Matt Bellamy from Muse, or even the late and great Jeff Buckley.” Hughie Dixon, Uxbridge Gazette.

“Stop the World’ is an energetic track that could easily attract the ears of the Gallagher brothers, such is the structure and vocal style of smoothing the lyrics when sung. Oasis would never have chosen such a bold guitar riff however, and that picked melodic part carries the song and injects a positive feel to the whole package…’ Chris Stones, Down the Front Media.

In 2015 Ryan released one track from his self-titled EP, Journey. Considered to be a classic rock track, it received substantial airplay from many stations, including Radio Caroline. The EP was mastered by Pete Maher 

(Rolling Stones, The Killers, Paul Weller etc) and contained a mix of pop rock/classic rock tracks.

Moving forward to 2017, Ryan wasn’t entirely happy with his sound and started working on a slightly heavier sound. He released his 9-track album, STOP THE WORLD! in 2018, in which apart from the lyrics (written by his wife, Sonya), drums (James Wise) and mastering (Pete Maher) everything else was done by Ryan in his London-based studio.

Then came 2019. Now based in Wiltshire, and still not happy with his sound as he felt it was too varied on the album, he started working on heavier material.

The single DON’T! was again written and produced by Ryan, with mastering by Dave Collins (Metallica – Hardwired to Self-Destruct) and with this one track, Ryan felt he had found the direction he wanted his music to go.


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