Ron Coolen debut album ‘RISE’ on February

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Ron Coolen´s ‘RISE’ finally will be available on all digital platforms and will donate a 10% of streaming royalties

From February 5 onwards, Ron Coolen´s debut album ‘RISE’ will be streaming on all major platforms, following the 2020 release in CD/Digital format. ‘RISE’ features 12 world class guest musicians like George Lynch, Keith St. John, Göran Edman, Christopher Amott and Stéphan Forté, to name but a few! ‘RISE’ received unanimously raving reviews in the international music press.

You can now PRE-SAVE ‘RISE’ in your Spotify profile by clicking this link 

10% of all streaming royalties will be donated to Jason Becker, who is suffering from ALS and in need of donations to cover for his medical care. More information on my charity for Jason can be found here

The tracklist of ‘RISE’ features the following guest musicians

01 – Big Devil Data – Keith St. John (vocals), Thorsten Koehne (guitar solo)
02 – White Summer – Keith St. John (vocals). Stéphan Forté (guitar solo)
03 – Too late to Surrender – Keith St. John (vocals), Johannes Persson (guitar solo)
04 – Sin City – Keith St. John (vocals), George Lynch (guitar solo)
05 – Gotta shoot your devils down – Keith St. John (vocals), Steve Lamb (guitar solo), Joey Concepcion (guitar solo)
06 – Ashes to Ashes (instrumental)
07 – Paradise – Keith St. John (vocals), Daniël Verberk (guitar solo)
08 – Kill Kill Kill – Sam Walters (vocals), Joey Concepcion (guitar solo), Christopher Amott (guitar solo)
09 – Rise (instrumental)
10 – Stories – Chris Clancy (vocals), Stéphan Forté (guitar solo), Joey Concepcion (guitar solo)
11 – From your Mouth – Chris Clancy (vocals), Joey Concepcion (guitar solo), Steve Lamb (guitar solo)
12 – Selfishness – Göran Edman (vocals), Joey Concepcion (guitar solo)


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