Review. The Night Flight Orchestra – “Aeromantic”

aeromantic tnfo review

We review the new album of The Night Flight Orchestra that will arrive under the title “Aeromantic” on February 28 by Nuclear Blast

Welcome to the Aeromantic flight! Flight pilots Björn Strid, singer, and David Andersson, guitar, and their crew, Sebastian Forslund guitars and percussion, Sharlee D’Angelo, bassist, Jonas Källsbäck, drums, Anna-Mia Bonde, singer, and Anna Brygård, also a singer, they welcome you to this new trip, the fifth one, which will roam, once again, through seventies melodic, eighties, poperas, funkies, and of course, rockers Welcome to an unforgettable cruise!

The Night Flight Orchestra is the Swedish band formed by members of bands of Soilwork or Arch Enemy, that int his new album do it again. Aeromantic is, as were their older brothers, a tribute to that music from a disco of the seventies, early eighties, to those soundtracks of Starsky and Hutch-type series, or movies, such as Rocky or Flashdance, a recital of all the good, and creative, that was that time.

Divinylis, If Tonight Is Our Only Chance, The Boy´s Last Summer, which is bestial, Taurus, Carmencita Seven, Sister Mercurial and City Lights And Moongeams, that is, almost the entire album, are pure The Night Flight Orchestra, melodies, Choirs, speed, catchy choruses, are that red car with white stripe on the sides that devours the roads. Do you know what car I am talking about? Or that other red convertible car that you got on, very well accompanied, and with which you would travel beaches, mountains, cities … or does the video game Out Run sound …?

Aeromantic also has other things, such as the TNFO song but slower, Curves keeps the essence, but more slowly, the song is hesitant, from those of shaking the head from side to side.

Servants Of The Air. It hits you, and more so being the song that opens the album. It’s fast, cane, the rhythmic base, bass and drums, it goes to all milk, the whole subject. In addition, it has a change of time, and style, almost dark, which is a surprise and leaves you confused, very attentive to see what comes from now.

The futuristic song of TNFO. Transmissions Futuristic with violins, eye !, all a contrast, originality and an act of brilliance on all sides.

Keyboards, which convey to me the only doubt, and restlessness, that the disc gives me. Does Richard Larsson play them? Well, we do not know, of course, in Nuclear Bast’s notes he does not name him as a member of the band, and John Lönnmyr does come as a special guest. We will see on the tour who delights us with those wonderful keys, so well played!

The Night Flight Orchestra, you are at the perfect time, at the right time, to make this scroll, you are the desert oasis, the black pearl, the white blackbird …


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