Review of L.A. GUNS – “The Devil You Know”


L.A. GUNS are still willing to recover lost time and with this second album of this new stage they show it. This is our review of the album “The Devil You Know” that will be published through Frontiers on March 29th.

L.A. Guns is a band recognized for three main reasons: The first, for its great trilogy and authentic reference of sleazy, L.A. Guns, 1988, Cooked And Loaded, 1989 and Hollywood Vampires, 1991. The second, by the tumbles that have been giving for too many years each of its members when they decided to split the loaves, and third, by their return, as  L.A. Guns, many years later, with two of its referring members, the golden couple of the Sleazy, Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns, showing that they are alive and kicking asses wherever they go.

It seems that they want to make up for lost time, or had much saved, and in less than two years, after the meeting and their album The Missing Peace, both Lewis, voice, as Tracii, guitar, Johnny Martin, bass, Shane Fitzgibbon, drums, and also counting this time with Ace Von Johnson, from Faster Pussycat, on rhythm guitar, they throw to this damn world a good album of classic Hard Rock with influences from the best metal, called The Devil You Know.

It is clear that Lewis and Tracii are in a continuous evolution, as shown by songs like Rage, and Boom, which are real speed and hard, probably skimming the punk, or also The Devil You Know or Going High , where It seems they are tributing  to Black Sabbath are songs worthy of the first albums of the fathers of heavy metal.

But we can not forget what they were, and are: strong rhythms and well-marked, as in Stay Away, cool riffs , as in Loaded Bomb, good bass lines, catchy and protagonists, as in Needle To The Bone, and great melodies and choruses, as in Gone Honey, Do not Need To Win and Down That Hole. Of course we have the ballad made in L.A. Guns, Another Season In Hell, that kind of song that when the first chord sounds, you hear, the first voice, you know this is LA.

Each and every one of the musicians is outstanding, without a doubt, but the lesson that Tracii Guns gives with their guitars, very strong and varied, and, above all, Lewis gives to the voice, perfect, always in very high tones,  and without having a breath!, is worthy of praise. These people do not get old!

The Devil You Know, is an authentic demonstration of anger, speed, heavy rhythms and melodies made in L.A. Guns. Thay have not only returned, they have done in a very meritorious way, it is a fact.

L.A. Guns Lineup

  • Phil Lewis. Vocalist
  • Tracii Guns. Guitar
  • Johnny Martin. Bass.
  • Shane Fitzgibbon. Drums.
  • Ace Von Johnson. Guitar.

Tracklist L.A. GUNS, “The Devil You Know”

  1. Rage
  2. Stay Away
  3. Loaded Bomb
  4. The Devil You Know
  5. Needle To The Bone
  6. Going High
  7. Gone Honey
  8. Don’t Need To Win
  9. Down That Hole
  10. Another Season In Hell
  11. Boom (Bonus Track)

Review by Ape Navarro


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