Return To Void released new music video “Freed From Illusion”


Finnish progressive hard rock band Return To Void released a single & music video from their upcoming third album!

Finnish progressive hard rock/metal band Return To Void is set to release their third studio album ‘Infinite Silence’ on December 18th 2020 via Inverse Records. First single, Freed From Illusion is now released.

“Return To Void´s new single “Freed From Illusion”, from upcoming 3rd studio album “Infinite Silence”. The song tells the story of a mind stuck in dreams, avoiding reality and presence. Perfectly describing the sound and the mood of the new album.”

The band draws it´s inspiration from the surrounding, sometimes completely incomprehensible world. New album “Infinite Silence” deals lyrically with inner growth and turmoil, the crazy world around us and it´s impact on everything. Year 2020 with all it´s chaos and insanity still made the band productive!

Musical influences varies from 70´s prog to modern metal. But the purpose is to create own and recognizable sound. Music has been described as melodic metal with prog elements as well. The band themselves call it simply “rock and roll”.

Return To Void was established 2015 in Karhula, paradise by the sea located south east of Finland.List of another projects, past and present, includes varied outings like Kaihoro,Total Devastation, Manitou, Kreyskull, Gran Torino, Demonic Death Judge


01. Aliveness
02. Stone Heart
03. Resistance
04. Freed From Illusion
05. Equal Freaks
06. Full Circle
07. Foresters
08. Mosaic Of Light And Shadow
09. Damaged
10. Departed And Arrived


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