RENEGADE ANGEL publish new EP

    Finnish melodic heavy / power metal band Renegade Angel released a new EP Dawn of Justice

    Bigger, better, and more bombastic than ever – Renegade Angel is back a year after they collaborated with Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens on their previous well-acclaimed EP Damnation. Dawn of Justice is yet another catchy melodic heavy/power metal rocker, but this time with some symphonic elements and even bigger vocal harmonies. This release has five top-tier metal vocalists sharing the vocal duties. Marius Danielsen (Legend of Valley Doom), Craig Cairns (InductionTailgunner), and Oscar Klassen (Séptimo Ángel) are doing their vocal debut here as well as Fabio Alessandrini (Annihilator) behind the drums.

    The mastermind behind this band – Jani Pöysä – says: “it might seem like it has taken longer to finish this release. It is very time-consuming to have so many busy, high-profile musicians involved and get it just right. It has been countless hours of hard work for all, but the band is delighted with how it turned out. We hope you appreciate it and show your support, and we will be more than happy to push ourselves to work hard to bring you the best music!”

    Renegade Angel is a melodic heavy metal band with some of the most outstanding musicians around the globe. The songs are straight in your face and put the limelight on creating the catchiest riffs, choruses, and harmonies. However, yet performed by some of the most amazing musicians making the songs sound huge and majestic. The band draws influences from power metal bands like Helloween and Avantasia while still paying tribute to traditional metal acts such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. This band combines the best of the two worlds to bring you the ultimate heavy metal experience.

    Line-up on every song:

    Dawn of Justice:
    Vox: Alejandro Fernandez, Craig Claims, Romina Barba
    Synth: Alejandro Fernandez
    Guitars: Lukky Sparxx
    Bass: Amadei Sarsanski
    Drums: Fabio Alessandrini

    The Whistleblower:
    Vox English version: Alejandro Fernandez, Lukky Sparxx, Marius
    Vox German version : Oscar Klassen, Lukky Sparxx, Marius Danielsen
    Synth: Alejandro Fernandez
    Guitars: Lukky Sparxx
    Bass: Charles Berthoud
    Drums: Vangelis Moraitis

    Forevermore (Spanish):
    Vox: Romina Barba
    Guitars: Lukky Sparxx
    Piano: Jani Pöysä
    Synth: Alejandro Fernandez
    Bass: Amadei Sarsanski
    Drums: Nacho Bessi

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