Black Sabbath, and Ozzy´s dautgher responds to reports that Ozzy is “on his deathbed”

Yesterday some reports claimed that Ozzy Osbourne, the iconic lead singer of the heavy metal group Black Sabbath was in “chronic pain,” spending all day in bed, and couldn’t recognize his wife.

Now we have more information about that and it seems to be a fake news.


Kelly Osbourne acknowledged that her father had a difficult 2019, but said that reports about him being on his deathbed were wrong. She said:

“I had a wonderful start to 2020. I spent the rest of the day laughing and dating my father.

“I returned home and read disgusting articles that my father is supposedly on his” deathbed. “

“It is no secret that my father has had a difficult year in regards to his health, but all that is a SHIT.”

Kelly Osbourne

On the other hand, the official BLACK SABBATH Facebook account denies it by labeling the news as “False News.”Official Black Sabbath account responded on facebook with a clear “SO VERY FAKE” message.


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