Old Dog releases new EP “Despertar”

Old Dog - Crédito Stéfanie Telles (2)

From Brazil Old Dog brings heavyness to folk rock in new EP “Despertar”

The heavyness of rock unites with folkl elements in the EP “Despertar”, from Old Dog (Brazil). The band shows the maturity of their work in the four tracks of the compact, ranging from blues to classic rock, without ever abandoning the roots of folk. With lyrics in Portuguese, the songs tell stories of overcoming, of change, in which the title of the EP also means breaking out of inertia.

“The great differential of this work is the sound of the EP. In all the songs, the main musical influences of each member of the band are evidenced, with an increasingly mature work since the first EP released by OLD DOG ”, says vocalist Rodrigo Accorsi.

Formed by Rodrigo Accorsi (voice), João Schons (guitar), Jordalan Muniz (bass), Jean Novello (harmonica, banjo and vocals) and Marcelo Cassol (drums), the quintet has musical influences Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Elvis Presley , Chuck Berry, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Blackberry Smoke, among others.

Since 2013 on the road, Old Dog is a Southern Rock band that combines high doses of rock’n’roll and folk in their songs. Since then, the band has produced three sets of sessions, called “Farm Sessions”, “Basement Sessions” and “Garage Sessions”, which alternate between author songs and covers by artists that influence Old Dog. The “Basement Sessions” yielded, in 2019, an EP of the same name, composed of three tracks.

First of the EP, “Despertar” is the title track and also represents the kick in the door, given by Old Dog. The guitar and harmonica riffs scream together, accompanied by Rodrigo’s voice, and the energetic cuisine of Jordalan and Marcelo. The second song is the single “Pé na Estrada”, with vocalizations and Jean’s tuned banjo, which calls the listener to travel with the band.

With a strong bass feel, “Tempo” leaves the listener wanting more. In “Outra Pessoa”, the track chosen to close the EP, João’s “bluesistic” guitar balance follows the story of those who do not accept reality and seek change.

The EP “Despertar” has musical production by Chico Frandoloso, and technical supervision by Hélio dos Anjos (Dusa). The tracks were captured at Studio Stone Rock, with mixing by Átila Viana (Studio 12) and mastering by Marcos Abreu.

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