Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee: “Stadium Tour Still On Track”


Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has confirmed in a recent interview that the summer tour with Def Leppard is still going on and they are working on it

These are hard times for everyone and of course for touring bands. The coronavirus pandemic is causing many cancellations and deferrals. But we get a ray of hope from Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee whos said in a interview with Billboard that the summer “Stadium Tour” is still underway.”

“Everything is still working,” says the drummer. “We are all in constant communication. Nikki Sixx and I have been to various production meetings. We are talking about various stadiums, so it is like two children in a candy store” Are you kidding? “That it is our mission right now, and we are continuing in that direction. “

About production reunions, Lee says one of his biggest concerns is his “drum show” which has become a staple of Motley Crue shows.

“What am I supposed to do right now? I have literally done the impossible, and everything. Did I jump out of a damn cannon? In a stadium, there is no roof. There’s nothing to hold on to, so there are a ton of problems we’ve been talking about, trying to fix. “

The coronavirus is definitely on everyone’s mind these days, and Lee says he hopes his gang can provide some fun once the crisis improves.

“By the time all this apocalyptic bullshit is over, I think everyone will be in a great mood to go out and have a great time. Hope everyone stays inside, and we can control this and get back to our normal lives soon. “

We remember that in addition to Motley Crue , the “Stadium Tour” will feature Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett & amp; the Blackheart s. Currently, the tour is scheduled to begin June 18 in Jacksonville, Florida. Here you can find all tour dates and tickets.


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