MONOLITHE : 7th video about Okta Khora


ONOLITHE has recently unveiled “Ignite the Heavens (Part 2)” and its official video. This song is the fifth track of their upcoming album, Okta Khora, which will still be released on January 31st, 2020 under its physical form despite the November pirate leak.   “OKTA KHORA” digital version out November 11th 2019 / CD & LP out January 31st 2020.

The digital album comes in 2 versions:

1 – LOUD VERSION set for mobile devices (mp3 players, smartphones, etc.).
2 – HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE VERSION set for HiFi sound systems.

Digital version included with every CD or LP preorder.   For more information about this song, feel free to watch the “Monolithe Discuss Okta Khora #6” video by clicking on the corresponding link above.

1 – Okta Khora (Part 1) 4’00
2 – Onset of the Eighth Cycle 8’00
3 – Dissonant Occurrence 8’00
4 – Ignite the Heavens (Part 1) 4’00
5 – Ignite the Heavens (Part 2) 4’00
6 – The Great Debacle 8’00
7 – Disrupted Firmament 8’00
8 – Okta Khora (Part 2) 4’00
Rémi Brochard: vocals, guitar
Sylvain Bégot: guitar, keyboards
Benoît Blin: guitar
Olivier Defives: bass
Matthieu Marchand: keyboards
Thibault Faucher: drums

Do you want to know more about the new album? MONOLITHE has cooked-up series of short explanatory videos provided by the band to take a further look into the rich and complex mythology surrounding this eighth album.
Here comes number #7!
Benoît Blin, Rémi Brochard and Thibault Faucher discuss the sixth song off the new album.

The song is called “The Great Debacle” and features special guest Victor Beurtheret, who plays the second guitar solo. Vocals are performed by Sébastien Pierre.   If you have not had the opportunity to do so, we invite you to discover the first six episodes. The band members address various topics: the concept of the album and its genesis, the artwork, their links with science fiction, other songs from the album, etc.

We have crossed the borders of the saga now!  


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