Metaphoric Mind: Release A New Video For The Single “Beyond”

    Metaphoric Mind has launched a New Video For The Single “Beyond” recorded and produced at MathLab Recording Studio

    Italian alternative metal act Metaphoric Mind released a new video taken from the single “Beyond”, recorded and produced at MathLab Recording Studio. About the new track the band says: “‘Where it all ends, everything starts’: here is the concept of ‘Beyond’, originated from a dream. There is no beginning, there is no end, there are only two dimension which collide and thus become One. From Life to Death, from dark to light. It’s an endless journey into our memories and our consciousness, that does not end in a timeline but continues to run in its cyclical nature. We’re bound to live in a distressing loop that it’s impossible to escape from, this is what the song wants to tell”.

    About Metaphoric Mind: founded in 2013 by Sergio Saggese, the band goes through some line-up changes until 2019: Sergio Saggese (keyboard), Flavio Salvadori (drums), Paride Fidati (guitar), Diego Masiani (bass), Melissa Bruschi (voice and lyrics). The band works on a continuous sound research aimed at experimentation, combining electronic nuances with a deep attachment to modern progressive metal, djent and a ton of other influences (like cinematic and pop).

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