Magg Dylan release new video ‘Naked Alone In The Tub’

magg dylan new video

Magg Dylan conquer depression with uplifting ‘Naked Alone In The Tub’ music video

Alternative metal rockers Magg Dylan have revealed an uplifting new music video for their latest single “Naked Alone In The Tub“. The video was directed by Eric DiCarlo at Square Up Studios, and draws from the band’s personal experience with depression, alcoholism, and recovery. Watch it right now below…

Life is challenging because you never know when your perfect life can become a mess,” . “Making this video hit close to home emotionally, since Suzanne played the role of our hero.”


The song was written about a time in my life when I was very depressed. My nephew died from an accidental overdose, and one of the pictures I’m holding in the video was of him so those were real tears during filming. Filming this video was difficult for another reason as well… Since I am sober, it was difficult to pretend I was drinking wine in the video. We wanted to symbolize how some people use alcohol to escape from life’s struggles.”

Singer Suzanne De Iulio

The band will release their new full-length album entitled Amethyst on February 21, via Eclipse Records. The album was produced by Jonathan Dolese and Bruce Jordan. Amethyst features ten alternative metal anthems which showcase the band’s emotional raw energy. Highlights on the album include “Scarz” which was written about singer Suzanne’s personal experiences with bullying during her childhood, and as an adult in the personal fitness, and music industries. “Naked Alone In the Tub” was the most difficult song for Suzanne to release, as she didn’t want to share some of the darkest moments of her life as the lyrics talk about depression after life hands you a series of overwhelming blows. The third single from the album “Delusional” which goes in-depth about singer Suzanne’s past battle with alcoholism and her path to recovery. This band has been through a lot over the years, and their songs reflect the struggles, defeats, and triumphs which have given this album a life of its own!


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