LIFE OF SCARS “Whe the Devil Walks in”

life of scars devil

Fate will always have its way and when it comes to this power trio you will have no doubt that the path has already been chosen, signed in blood and etched in stone. Straight up in your face reality from the street level to the darkest corners of your soul. “Life Of Scars” lays out relentless riff after riff, beat after thunderous beat, combined with unapologetic lyrics that navigate the listener on a journey through the unfortunate fundamentals of life. Wayne Abney, Michael Huebner and Anthony Walker have been on the local Dallas Fort Worth, (DFW), and World Wide scene from the beginning of the thrash days of the 90’s to the present. Each have multiple recordings and world released albums under their belts. (Hammer Witch, Demonseed, Hell Goat,).

All have countless live performances ranging from opening for major acts, supporting tours to playing small clubs. Each member has an enormous amount of studio experience including engineering, producing and recording. With their debut release entitled “When The Devil Walks In” Life Of Scars opens your eyes and ears to the world as they know and live it. Without fear they embrace their individuality which forms a total unique sound in a world of clones. From the first song you will realize this band is different and sound different from anything you have recently heard. After the next few tracks you will soon realize that their story is your story and their words are your words and that their band is your band.


Wayne Abney: Bass and Vocals
New Release: (Life Of Scars) “When The Devil Walks In”
Previous Releases: (Hammer Witch) – “Return to Salem “and “Legacy of Pain”
Mick Huebner: Guitar
New Release: (Life Of Scars) “When The Devil Walks In”
Previous Releases: (Hell Goat)
Anthony Walker: Drums
New Release: (Life Of Scars) “When The Devil Walks In”
Previous Releases: (DemonSeed) “Human Disposal Syndicate”


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