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KILLUS: ‘Official Live Streaming’ on November 28


KILLUS: Will offer its first ‘Official Live Streaming’ on November 28

Killus started a hopeful year 2020 full of exciting force with the release of the seventh album called “Devilish Deeds”, but little by little all promotion plans, tours and festivals have gradually fallen due to the problem of the health crisis, also popularly known as Covid-19.

Since the birth of the pandemic, the illusion and frustration of not being able to be on the road and thus surround ourselves with our loyal followers has been really hard, melancholic, suffocating, powerless and very angry. But the band has continued working on some future song ideas and above all on something so important and necessary for the times, the first Official Live Streaming on Saturdar 28th Novembre, 12am (Spanish peninsular time).

Behind these images there is an enormous visual and sound work, a linking of the most important parts of us. We invite you to see it and enjoy it from your favorite place with your favorite drink in your hands, and above all, raising the horns.

Tickets are available now and you can buy them until the afternoon of Saturday 28th November. You also have the chance to get you ticket also with the new album (CD) or with one of the exclusive T-shirt or hoodie that we have designed for this occasion. Get your tickets here: https://bit.ly/37Z3QE8

We also want to offer you a Meet & Greet with KILLUS on Friday 27th at 21:30h in which we will be talking about the news of the band and all about out last release “Devilish Deeds”.




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