IN THIS MOMENT publish new video for the song “The In Between”


IN THIS MOMENT release their new video “The In Between” in anticipation of their upcoming album “Mother”

From THE US City of Los Angeles comes IN THIS MOMENT band that has progressed both musically and in image, especially in their live shows. Six productions support her and next March we will have the next call “Mother” , which is generating quite expectation.

His latest album dates from 2017, “Ritual” , set in the concept of Witchcraft and Idolatry was provided with Metal-style sounds and less Metalcore or electronic as they had done before and part of this artistic continuation is shown in this new “The In Between” video .

Maria Brink is the frontwoman of the band that has changed her image on this fifteen-year journey since they emerged, giving us the appearance of an evil blonde witch, (anyone would like to fall for her spells). Next to her are the musicians, Chris Howorth on the lead guitar and vocals, Randy Weitzel on the rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Travis Johnson on the bass and backing vocals and Kent Simmel on the drums, they are also characterized to give IN THIS MOMENT a sinister image.

“The In Between” is a pretty colorful video with many spooky and gloomy images. Red and white colors stand out among the harmony and art of dolls that “caress” the singer, without ignoring the evil and infernal symbology. In what corresponds to its sound, it is between electronic-metal loud, with dry and intense riffs along with the main female voice articulated in those decibels that we hear in his album “Blood” of the year 2012, which was the jump from underground to recognition international.

The track gives good impetus to the new album “Mother” , which was produced by Kevin Churko who has worked with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH , also that among his songs will contain a version of QUEEN’s We Will Rock You” with the collaboration of Joe Catella of DED , Taylor Momsen of the Pretty Reckless and Lzzy Hale of Halestorm .

Also the title of this single will provide the name of his next Tour “The In Between Tour” , along with BLACK VEIL BRIDES , DED and RAVEN BLACK as part of the poster that will begin this spring in North America live performances.

It should be noted that IN THIS MOMENT on the stages give a representation of its theatrical themes that are worth enjoying, we will be pending when they go to the old continent and also to their new production “Mother” .


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