IN THIS MOMENT “Mother” album review

in this moment mother

This is our review of the seventh album of AT THIS TIME called “MOTHER” and that takes us through disturbing and deep paths alike

Whoever doubts that the female sex is the strong sex that looks around them to realize it. With a little delay in its release, “Mother” comes the latest from IN THIS MOMENT led by Maria Brink, and on their seventh album they give us both touching and disturbing in each song while are they playing. Enjoy !!

Through Atlantic Records and endorsed by ROADRUNNER RECORDS , next week comes “Mother” from the US band IN THIS MOMENT . Always led by the vigorous and energetic frontwoman Maria Brink , who demonstrates that feminine power must be taken into account now and always. Alongside her, on vocals and on piano, are the following musicians, Chris Howorth , on lead guitar and backing vocals, Randy Weitzel , on rhythm guitar and also backing vocals, Travis Johnson , on bass and backing vocals and Kent Diimmel on drums. All together with producer Kevin Churko give us a good round of frenzy and frenzy.

IN THIS MOMENT , date back to the year two thousand and five, born in the city of Los Angeles. I conquer many enthusiastic and fervent followers, first local and then world. Thanks to unprecedented productions in the world of Metal at that time and staging with spectacular drama that sometimes seem like authentic plays with insanely and eccentrically written arguments. His sound has evolved, from the Metalcore of his album “Blood” , where his experimentation with almost Pop and Electronic sounds worked well for him, leading him to a success for powerful and addictive songs like “Adrenalize” or “Whore” which was a hymn. liberating and overcoming. Then came “Black Widow” , almost with the same notoriety, until his last album “Ritual” , again with a change towards the more Metalero sound and of a conceptual nature, which revolved around witchcraft, paganism and the constant rivalry between good and evil, noted in the first single “Mother” The In Between “, with phrases like: ” You just keep wanting more with your blood and you whore … “ , which strikingly mixes title themes previous of the band, like the mentioned «Blood» or in another phrase that says: «It´sa beautiful tragedy you wanna be sick life me…»

The anxiety of a new production can give us a lot of feelings, especially for the fans & nbsp; of this band that has variability by flag, but without lose personality. When Ms. Brink , imagine & nbsp; the way to transform into his concerts, for its theatricality and elaboration, we know of its productive capacity, deep letters shown in “Mother” and that will undoubtedly make the visual and the musical shake hands without get loose. The songs are & nbsp; full of expected images & lyrics Bouncy & nbsp; with a very significant bizarre point for the band. We have soft parts and heavy moments, perfectly mixed. There are fourteen tracks covered in softness and discomfort in its sensation. Carefully designed and although each one has its own story, the whole album will take us to a journey from start to finish with pain, sadness and tenderness.

The anxiety of a new production can give us a lot of feelings, especially for fans of this band that has variability by flag, but without losing personality. When Ms. Brink imagines the way to transform herself in her concerts, due to her theatricality and elaboration, we know of her productive capacity, deep lyrics that are shown in «Mother» and that will undoubtedly make the visual and the musical shake hands. without letting go. The songs are full of expected images and game lyrics with a bizarre point very significant for the band. We have soft parts and heavy moments, perfectly mixed. There are fourteen tracks covered in softness and discomfort in its sensation. Carefully designed and although each has its own story, the entire album will take us on a journey from start to finish with pain, sadness and tenderness.

This work begins with “The Beginning (interlude)”, a grim introduction as a starting point for the first cut. “Fly Like An Eagle”, a version of Steve Miller’s song that sounds bold for its structure giving it its own unique touch, a transformation for an emboldened start because few bands do it, start with a cover, but they are IN THIS MOMENT , comes a short intro, “The Red Crussade.”

“El In-Between (Hell & amp; Heaven) “& nbsp; & nbsp ;, entremezcla entre el interludio como nos tiene habituales para descargar después con toda la rabia de instrumentos y voces al estilo de Ms. Brink , & nbsp; un tema fiel y leal bajo la temática & nbsp; de la necesidad o indiferencia & nbsp; de lo bueno y lo malo, la referencia de los contenidos al largo de “Madre” .

“The In-Between (Hell & Heaven)”, interspersed between the interlude as we are used to downloading later with all the rage of instruments and voices in the style of Ms. Brink , a faithful and loyal theme under the theme of necessity or indifference between good and bad, the content reference to the length of «Mother» .

“Legacy”, begins slowly while the electrical sounds unite the rest of the sound until it gains courage and claws with a pattern that repeats throughout the song, flirting perfectly with the Pop style “We Will Rock You”, with the Collaboration of Lzzy Hale of HALESTORM and Taylor Momsen of THE PRETTY RECKLESS , a uniquely twisted cover with a good tone by two of the most well-known singers in Hard Rock Metal, fit perfectly with the album and plot.

«Mother», opens strong with the piano and voice of the vocalist, the homonymous theme denotes the persistence of the proposal where the electronic aspect that moderates the culmination of the cut is exploited, seems to describe how the band wants the public to see this new album, the next one for everyone who still stands.

“As Above, So Below”, electrifying, pleasant even with this aspect, deferential but attractive, fit in lyrics and music.

«Born In Flames», heartbeats through a sonoram, with the use of synthesizer sounds that oscillate in bass to almost a ballad that hangs in the air.

“Burning and crushing semi ballad“ God Is She ”with a range of vocalization that spreads thanks to the intense chords, it really shows the voice of Ms. Brink , hauntingly beautiful, subtle and overwhelming.

“Holy Man”, tune twin to the previous one, but more perverse and dirty, with a splendid final arpeggio by Mr. Howorth .

Hunting Grounds, with the collaboration of DED vocalist Joe Cotella , we have the typical track of the band, rested from the beginning that grows stronger as it develops with a good combination of voices that overlap quite well, acceptable duo of accents of each of its parts.

“Lay Me Down”, another cover to finish, the third of the album, this corresponds to the artist Mazzy Star , imposing the challenging rambling of Ms. Brink with a rhythm endowed with enough strength Heavy keeping the heat until this almost final point, because we get the last cut.

“Into Dust”, a gloomy ending, piano notes played in that environment where the whispered voice imposes a tolerable and approved ending.

The postponement of the publication of “Mother” for several months has become a wait that is worthwhile. We have IN THIS MOMENT elevated to a new power, and not only its superb leader, but the entire band that is still together and playing, although it is clear who “cuts the cod”.

The quality of the band is indisputable and although their tour with BLACK VEIL BRIDES is stopped like almost the whole planet due to the current situation, we know that their show will be worth enjoying. We can warm up engines with «Mother» with and its reflection that gives us a lesson in life and suffering as embodied by that character who is a fundamental part of a family, and basic to that social nucleus. IN THIS MOMENT they continue insolent and unusual.


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