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HELLOWEEN’s new album is going well

helloween update

We have fresh news in this new video from the studio where HELLOWEEN is recording the new album

Helloween already announced a few months ago that he would release a new album in this 2020. The plans in principle are to publish it at the end of the summer so we can hear some of his cuts in the new tour at the end of the year.

In these months the band is releasing information with eyedroppers of how the recording process is going. As you can see in the previous video today we already know that the drum tracks are complete with what comes the turn for the rest of the members.

It’s a wrap! Dani Löble sends an update from the studio where he has been busy recording drums for the upcoming and highly anticipated HELLOWEEN album in the past few weeks. As the drum recordings are finished now, the band is working on guitars, bass and vocals in various studios in Hamburg and Tenerife. Some big stuff is in the making….

A month ago it was KAI Hansen who told how he was starting the process and said they were going to study to work these months and have everything ready before his United Part II Tour



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