Heart Attack Man: The Soundtrack to a Coming-of-Age Journey


Heart Attack Man Soundtrack “Figuring It Out” with Their Latest Album, “Freak Of Nature

Heart Attack Man, a Cleveland-based band comprised of Eric Egan, Adam Paduch, and Ty Sickels, has crafted the perfect soundtrack for navigating the complexities of growing up with their latest album, Freak Of Nature. Their music, a blend of punk, rock, and pop, combines intricate riffs, catchy choruses, and robust rhythms to create anthems that capture the essence of youth and the struggles of finding one’s place in the world.

Embracing the Journey of Growing Up

Eric Egan, the band’s vocalist and guitarist, describes the overarching theme of Freak Of Nature as the experience of growing up. Having spent his twenties feeling out of place and grappling with mental challenges, Egan now embraces the uncertainty of not knowing what the future holds. The album serves as a testament to accepting oneself and finding solace in the fact that it’s okay to be unsure about life’s path.

Heart Attack Man emerged onto the music scene from the Midwest with their 2014 EP, Acid Rain. Since then, they have gained a dedicated following through their relatable releases, including The Manson Family, Fake Blood, and the Thoughtz & Prayerz EP. Praised for their unique sound and heavy-hitting tracks, the band has garnered millions of streams and received acclaim from notable publications like Brooklyn Vegan, FLOOD, and Alternative Press.

Collaborating with Lil Aaron in Los Angeles, Egan found a creative partner who shared his sense of humor and attitude. Their collaboration resulted in the first single and title track of the album, “Freak Of Nature.” Co-written with Nick Wheeler of All-American Rejects, the song showcases an upbeat riff, an infectious refrain, and a hypnotic bridge. It sets the tone for the album and exemplifies the band’s musical growth and maturity.

Other tracks on the album explore various themes and emotions. “Stick Up” narrates a high-stakes heist metaphorically representing Egan taking control of his life and demanding discipline. “Like A Kennedy” delves into personal family ties, with Egan discovering connections to JFK and reflecting on his own journey. “God Called Off Today” offers a fantastical story of someone conversing with a higher power, adding a touch of whimsy to the album. The album concludes with “See You On The Other Side,” a poignant and cathartic tribute to lost friendships and the passage of time.

Heart Attack Man’s Freak Of Nature not only captures the tumultuous ride of coming of age but also serves as a reminder that everyone is on their unique journey of self-discovery. Whether you have your life figured out or are still searching for answers, Heart Attack Man will be there, providing an empathetic and relatable soundtrack to accompany you every step of the way. As Egan reflects on his own growth and newfound happiness, he assures listeners that, in the end, things do work out, and it’s essential to hold on and trust the process. With Freak Of Nature, Heart Attack Man embarks on a new chapter, ready to inspire and connect with audiences through their music.

“The record started to become its own thing after we wrote this one,” he recalls. “There’s an overarching method to all of the madness. Musically, we’re leveling up. We allowed ourselves to grow.”

“Stick Up” walks a tight rope between glossy keys and a steady beat as the lyrics paint a picture of a high stakes heist punctuated by samples of police sirens.

“It’s a simple story of a bank robbery,” he continues. “Below the surface, it ties into the narrative. It’s a metaphor for taking the reins of my life. I’m sick of all of these habits and tendencies that have done nothing for me. I need to demand discipline for myself. It manifested in this song.”

Anxious guitar underlines emotional verses on “Like A Kennedy” as he laments, “And the bad guys always win.”

“It was the most meaningful song for me,” he goes on. “Through a family tie, a relative of mine was connected to JFK. As I was sorting through the story of my twenties, I’ve learned about all of these family connections. I went from learning about this as a teenager to making this song as an adult. I was able to bring this weird distinct connection into a song.”

Then, there’s “God Called Off Today”. Its breezy acoustic guitar complements the chantable chorus. Stepping into a different perspective, the song conveys “this fantastical story of someone actually getting on the phone and talking with God.”

Freak Of Nature concludes in a dynamic moment of catharsis on the tearful “See You On The Other Side,” serving up a sonic eulogy to the best of best friends…

“After I got to L.A., my parents told me my dog I grew up with was put down,” he sighs. “I was broken up over it. The experience capped off my twenties in a way. So, I wrestled with the feeling, and the song was my immediate response.”

Whether or not you’ve figured your life out, Heart Attack Man will ultimately be with you, holding your hand every step of the way.

“I’ve grappled with complex feelings of isolation, loneliness, and freakiness, and it’s an up-and-down rollercoaster,” he leaves off. “In the end, you need to hold on and trust the process. If I was talking to myself ten years ago, I was in a completely different place. It’s better now. Things do work out. For us, this is a new start, and I’m happy about it.”


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