Glacier Veins Releases New Video “Driveway”

glacier veins driveway

Glacier Veins publishes new video for “Driveway” form the upcoming new album “The World You Want To See” Out February 28th

Dream punk band Glacier Veins has shared their new single “Driveway” from their forthcoming debut full-length album “The World You Want To See”. “The World You Want To See” will be released on February 28th. The album is a collection of lessons learned and shared – highlighted in warm hues of pink. 

’Driveway’ was inspired by sunny afternoons coming home from school or work and just sitting out in the driveway at my house, drinking a beer and catching up with my family at the end of the day. Through busy days and life, those moments are so simple, beautiful and relaxing” shares lead singer Malia Endres. ‘Driveway’ is my appreciation for having the opportunity to get together with people I love and just hang out. We are excited to include some of the people we love in the music video and grateful that we were able to catch some Portland sunshine on the driveway”.

“This has been a gradual thing over the last three years, but I’ve been a lot more tuned in to my own thoughts” says Endres. “If I ever feel my thoughts becoming too negative or pessimistic, I try and turn it around and see something good out of it”.

This was the message her and the rest of Glacier Veins -rounded out by bassist Kyle Woodrow, guitarist Jason Espinoza, and drummer Tyler Groce – explore on their new record “The World You Want To See”. While Endres has been writing and performing as Glacier Veins since 2015, releasing EPs in both 2017 (“Dreamspace”) and 2016 (“Clear Your Head”), “The World You Want To See” was the first project that had a finalized lineup from start to finish. “I started this project a couple years ago as my solo project, with hopes to turn it into a full band” says Endres. “We’ve been through a lot of different members, but with this album we finally feel like we’ve found our set group. That makes it feel like a more collaborative songwriting process” .

In fact, the two songs which were written as a collective also happen to be the universal band favorites. First, the pop punk-rooted “Everything Glows” which takes Endres’ normally tranquil vocals and adds heat in both her snarky delivery and the thudding drum backbone. “Another Feeling”, however, returns to Glacier Veins’ strong base of soaring harmonies and soothing dream-pop, while still taking a step forward in both songwriting and production. Both of these speak to Endres’ initial message of outlook and mindset; in “Everything Glows” she sings: “I think that this is what we needed/Now we’re waiting on the world to see it” So it makes sense when Endres’ describes the album as “finding your own inspiration through life. Not being dragged down by negative thoughts, but holding onto the good things”.

With that, they took to the woods. Enlisting producer Justin Abel, they went to his studio on the outskirts of their hometown of Portland to record. “We spent about nine days in the studio, which isn’t a lot of time for nine songs” says Endres “but it didn’t feel like we were rushing through it. We had things mapped out but Justin had great suggestions. It felt like a great space to bust out a sick record”.

In short, they succeeded. “The World You Want To See” sidesteps the usual stumblings of a debut record in favor of giving their ever-growing audience even more work to hold onto. Having performed at Vans Warped Tour, 8123 Fest, Bled Fest, Treefort Fest, and All Good Fest, they have plenty to build on. So it’s perfect harmony when Endres’ speaks about what she hopes fans will get out of the new record: “I want everyone to have a positive mindset and set goals and dreams for themselves – and put action toward reaching them”. If they have Endres as a role model, they’re in great hands.  


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