GENESIS reunion Tour on 2020

genesis tour 2020

Phil Collins, Mike Rutherfod and Tony Banks are back to the road with a new GENESIS reunion tour on november/december 2020

It´s time to “Turn in on Again” because “Mama”, “The Carpet Crawlers are Back” to the “Land of confusion” and even they “Can´t Dance” we will be there feeling their “Invisible Touch” “In Too Deep”of our hearts. Yes!! Genesis are back. GENESIS has announced a tour of large venues by the end of this year 2020 with Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford.  

The British progressive rock band Genesis has announced that it will meet for a series of shows in the UK in November and December. “There is a sound of Genesis that is still there,” said guitarist Mike Rutherford. «I missed it, it’s good to play it again. The tour will be called “Last Domino” recorded in much of the United Kingdom and the tickets affected for sale on March 6 in TICKETMASTER.

The band announced their Last Domino Tour on the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show at Zoe Ball. Rutherford said: “It feels great, it feels the right time, we are eager to do it. Many of our contemporaries have been playing a lot: we have performed two shows in the United Kingdom in the last 28 years «.

The group said they would be joined by Nicholas, the 18-year-old son of Phil Collins, on drums for the shows. “He plays like me and has the same attitude as me,” Collins said. “So it was a good start.”

When asked about the potential setlist, Collins said: “There are songs that you feel you have to play because the audience would feel cheated if you didn’t, then it’s a matter of putting together the rest of the songs we haven’t played.” for a long time.”

Before its appearance on BBC Radio 2, the band published a track on their Instagram page, reading: “And Then There Were Three.” The group played for the last time in 2007, their first tour with the drummer Phil Collins in 14 years, and has faced constant speculation about the possibility of a meeting in the intervening years. In January, the trio was seen at a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, which sparked new rumors.

We were watching the BBC Radio 2 station all morning, where Genesis is going to announce a new meeting tour for this year 2020. The station has been leaving all tracks tomorrow and it is already clear that the meeting is a fact. Now we know the details

The group hinted at the news yesterday by posting a photo on their official Instagram account with the title: “And the there where three.”


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