Finnish Voidfallen releases new single and music video

Finnish Voidfallen

Melodic metal band from Finland Finnish Voidfallen has launched a new single and music video

oidfallen is a new melodic metal band from Finland. They released their debut EP “The Sinners, the Plague and the Voidfallen” late 2019 and have gained great momentum since. Debut album is scheduled to be released during 2021.

“The Daughters” is the first of two singles that are to be released in the spring of 2020. Alike the EP also this release will feature a music video. The song itself starts out very fast paced and fades out to a dark but beautiful atmospheric outro. Throughout the song the listener is taken relentlesly forward through the story accompanied by the strong vocals. The song is mixed by Juhamatti Kauppinen of ShedStudios and mastered by the legendary Mika Jussila of Finnvox (Children of Bodom, Nightwish).

Listen to “The Daughters” With TIDAL HI RES or Spotify:

“The lyrics tell a story of real life that has been raised into more theatratical proportions. As usual we are not going to go into details what exactly the song is about to us. We want to leave the listener the freedom to create their own visualisation of it, what it means to them.”

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