Evertrapped new Music Video “Sorrow (Nothing More In Between)”


Montreal’s EVERTRAPPED Premiere Music Video “Sorrow (Nothing More In Between)” New Album “The Last Extinction” Out May 22nd

A playthrough of  ‘Sorrow (Nothing More In Between)’ will take the listener through a variety of sub-genres, primarily melodic death metal, but with the occasional flourish of thrash and speed metal. The video accompanying the single is a great visual addition to see the band in action. The lyrical theme is about being on the receiving end (or lack thereof) of a connection between two people where one knows they aren’t giving enough yet persist. A situation that is relatable to all.

“The Last Extinction” is the fourth album from the Montreal, Canada melodic death metal band; it is a mix of the sound that was defined on “The Anomaly” (2012) and “Under The Deep” (2015). A blend of both straight to the throat heavy gutturals, rampaging metal and the softer, clean vocals and warm, melodic riffs, the band explains the progression in their own words: 

“When it gets heavy, it gets really heavy but there are plenty of parts that open up and give way to clear vocals or a nice blend of gutturals and cleans and in some cases, some types of riffs that [Evertrapped] has never really experimented with before. Each song takes the listener on a quasi-progressive death metal adventure, but every now and then keeps coming back to simpler catchy riffs made for some hardcore headbanging.”

For fans of Arch Enemy, Persefone, and Whitechapel, [Evertrapped]’s new album will be available for stream and download on Spotify, Bandcamp and Apple Music as of May 22nd. 

’Those looking for melodic death metal on the heavier end of the spectrum need apply here…be ready to pump some fists, bang some heads, and reminisce back to a time when melodic death metal wasn’t all about clean, poppy choruses – just raw and memorable carnage.’’  – Dead Rhetoric

What press is telling about the band:

“I’ve played with some of the best metal drummers in the world and I’d put you up alongside them any day!” – Jeff Waters (Annihilator guitarist)

 “Evertrapped, and as they lay their claim as one of the front runners of melodic death metal in all of the land” – Bucket List Music Reviews

‘’This is Headbanging 101, take your seat.’’  – Metal Trenches

‘’It’s clear these guys are not followers. They make their own brand of Melodic Death.’’  – Metal France

‘’If you want your dose of Melodic Death to be as brutal as possible, you won’t be disappointed with Under The Deep.’’ – Metal Universe

‘’Under The Deep is a full-throttle melodic death metal release that endlessly descends into new layers of carnage as the album progresses.’’  – Worship Metal


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