Eurovision 2023: Rock and Metal Performances to Watch Out For


Experience the Power of Rock and Metal at Eurovision 2023: A Look into the Exciting Lineup of Performances From Around the World!

The Eurovision Song Contest is widely known as one of the most iconic and anticipated music competitions of the year. While most of the songs presented in the contest are pop or ballads, there is always a chance for rock and metal fans to shine.

To be honest, this year we are a bit weak in the rock and metal department. While several countries have opted to send rock and metal artists, we had to dig deep to find something that resonates with our tastes. Although some may think that rock and metal are genres that don’t fit into the contest, the truth is that these genres have a huge fan base in Europe and around the world, and it’s exciting to see how they will be integrated into this special event.

In this article, we will explore the rock and metal acts that will be performing at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, and of course, we’ll give them all our support. Let’s analyze each performance and see what they bring to the table.


The shock rock band Let 3 is incredibly famous in the Balkans for their provocative and avant-garde performances. For Eurovision, they have presented a thinly veiled attack against Vladimir Putin, which surely tests the limit of the ban on political lyrics in Eurovision.

The title “mama” refers to Mother Russia, and mustached leader Damir Martinović repeatedly sings “Mama kissed a moron,” an apparent criticism of Russia’s political class for their continued support of Putin’s regime.

However, beyond this, I personally don’t like the song much. In their eagerness to fit into the festival, the song becomes a strange mishmash of styles.

GERMANY. Lord Of The Lost – “Blood & Glitter”

Let’s get wilder with Germany. Lord Of The Lost is an experienced live act who recently toured with Iron Maiden, and their latest album – also called Blood and Glitter – topped the German album charts in January.

“Blood & Glitter,” the title track of the band’s latest album, offers us a moment of classic metal with hints of death metal and a catchy chorus. Our vote will be for them!

SLOVENIA. Joker Out – “Carpe Diem”

The self-proclaimed “shagadelic rock band” Joker Out is like a downgraded version of Maroon 5. “Carpe Diem” sounds like rock music, moves like rock music, but falls short, hovering between more disco-like styles.

The song is quite flat and will likely struggle to receive support from the Eurovision audience.

AUSTRALIA. Voyager – “Promise”

This could be Australia’s last year in Eurovision, as the country’s participation agreement expires after May.

For their final chance, they have chosen the pop-metal quintet Voyager, who have been campaigning to represent their country since 2015. Although some describe them as progressive rock, I lean more towards the concept of humorous pop-metal.

Their song emits unmistakable vibes of Duran Duran, with an epic chorus of “woah-oh” and a tremulous guitar solo that sounds pretty cool.

The song should be well received in the arena, as Voyager leverages their two decades of live experience to rally the crowd.

Definitely another one of our favorites.


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