ECLIPSE Strikes a New Chord with “The Hardest Part Is Losing”: A Captivating Evolution of Their Sound


A Melodic Rock Masterpiece: Exploring ECLIPSE’s Latest Single “The Hardest Part Is Losing”

We have in our hands the new single from ECLIPSE, titled “The Hardest Part Is Losing.” This song proves that, although the first chords are very characteristic of the band, the rest of the melody deviates from their usual style. However, we cannot overlook the presence of melodic rock and the melancholic tone that are distinctive trademarks of the band.

“The Hardest Part Is Losing” is a song that will easily hook you with its solid rhythmic foundation, powerful verses, a playful bridge, and an incredibly catchy chorus. While we await the video premiere later in the day, the song is already available on all digital platforms.

ECLIPSE is a band that has made a significant impact in the genre of melodic rock. With their energetic sound and exceptional technical skills, they have captivated fans worldwide. Their ability to combine catchy melodies with emotional lyrics has been key to their success.

In addition to “The Hardest Part Is Losing,” ECLIPSE boasts an impressive discography that includes albums such as “Are You Ready to Rock,” “Bleed and Scream,” and “Monumentum.” With each release, they have managed to solidify their reputation as one of the standout bands in the melodic rock scene.


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