Dream Drop set to release new album this winter


Alternative metal band Dream Drop are set to release new album “Acne Superstar” this winter

Alternative metal band based in Gothenburg Dream Drop, has truly come out on top, since the live scene made a comeback after the pandemic restrictions. They opened three shows for Blood Command in Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm and just got back from a long period of touring together with Smash Into Pieces, STARSET and Within Temptation. With a constant presence on social media, and a close contact with their own community, the band shows a clear creative thinking that is required to get the attention of the outside world.

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The alternative metal and emo band have also been busy in the studio finalizing their 3rd studio album ‘ACNE SUPERSTAR’, set to be released this winter. The album takes you through the story of 3 teenagers struggling to “get out of bed“ due to an array of different disorders, but gonna start a revolution from the bed’. First single and title track ‘Acne Superstar’ will be released May 12th. The song sets the tone for the entire album with it’s unique mix of alternative metal and emo with beautiful and emotional lyrics, something that has become the band’s hallmark.


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