David Coverdale of WHITESNAKE clarify info about his retirement


WHITESNAKE leader David Coverdale has clarified his recent comments about his retirement

WHITESNAKE leader David Coverdale , who turned 68 last September, went news last week when he said that 2021 would be an” appropriate “year to retire. Well, for all that we regretted last week, today we get the clarifications from the frontman that somehow throw some hope on his followers.

He explained his comments in a new interview with the “Appetite For Distortion” podcast, saying:

“I thought when I was writing ‘Here I Go Again’ when I was turning 30, I thought the party was over. It was inconsolable. And 38 years later, I’m releasing albums, making new deals with record companies. It’s a Madness, on my 69th birthday can I go out and sing ‘Still Of The Night’?

But who knows? It has taken me many surprises in my life to know that magic exists … Whenever you make plans, it is when God has a “Oh, really? Are those your plans? Well, let me put this in the mix.” [Laughter] “

Addressing his previous comments, Coverdale said, “I was asked a question and I thought it was fun to say, ‘Oh, what better age for the WHITESNAKE singer [to retire] than the 69? I can’t wait to design the t-shirts that was fun.

“I hope to go out and play [at 70],” he clarified. “There is nothing comparable to standing in front of 10, 15, 20, 30 thousand people and having them sing, a hundred thousand people we were doing in South America last year, singing every word you wrote. Some of these people were not born when those songs were released. There’s nothing more rewarding than that for an artist, having an appreciative audience that makes you feel so lively. It’s awesome. I certainly hope to have that experience again. And if I can’t do great things, then I’ll do the Little things and I’ll do ‘An Evening With David Coverdale’, acoustic events with rugos and questions where people can discover ‘the true story of what happened’.


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