DANGEREENS release remastered album ‘Tough Luck’


Montreal glitter punks Dangereens have released a remastered version of their 1st full length album Tough Luck via Golden Robot Records

Musically inspired by early 70’s glam rock and 50’s rock n’ roll, the band offers observations of our daily struggles from the point of view of local characters, wrapped in raw, raucous, yet sweet tones. The result is an opus characterized by a vintage yet pertinent sound that brings strange feelings of lightheadedness and comfort, around the sometimes obscure lyrics. 

Streets Of Doom‘ is the first single of Tough Luck. It’s a contemporary, deadbeat take on an Humoresque tragedy describing vaguely the thoughts and feelings of a hopelessly in love drug dealer. The song is built on a straight 4/4 throbbing rhythm section with syncopated accents, and features take-no-prisoner, over saturated fuzzed-out guitars, and careless, snarly vocals. 

Thieves’ depicts a day in the lives of two depraved youths forced to turn to crime for survival. The music is built upon a 4 on the floor drum beat and includes ripping guitar works, groovy basslines and an outworldly saxophone solo. The vocals are snarled nonchalantly (almost rapped) with minimal melodic variations, which builds up tension complementing the storytelling. 

Hearse Driving Blonde‘ is an action packed title with lyrics about the hardship of the narrator’s relationship with a woman who seems to be driving him to his loss, and a throbbing rhythm section filled with stops and go’s. The result is a number that’ll make you want to dance all your troubles away! 

Lucky in Love‘ is a sexy mid tempo groove with lush guitar riffs and soft vocals making for a cool, calm and collected, yet wild number that’ll please T-RexBowie and Roxy Music fans amongst others 

Microwave Boogie‘ a take-no-prisoners, meaty-beaty-bouncy rock’n’roll title with lyrics about madness and abandonment driven by sleazy guitar riffs, walking basslines and a throbbing drum beat. The beauty of the number’s opening theme dueling with the raw boned verses creates visions of ecstatic disasters. 

Twelve Below Zero‘ is a hypnotic psychedelic glam number by Dangereens that sings an ode to Montreal in a blurry sentimental way. The driven mid tempo backbone of the song is comprised of a locked rhythm section and melodic guitars on which the haunting vocals sit gently. 

Love Jive‘ is a southern/country rock inspired boogie executed by slum roaming, city dwellers. The lyrics describe a youth who abandons his somewhat predictable situation after a hard fall for a utopia filled, bohemian promised land, only to find that life had better (or worse) plans for him. The music is cooked up with finely arranged guitar twangs and pedal steel swells served on top of thick and luscious  grooves and steady, toe tappin’ drumlines. 

Worried Mind‘ is a fast pace track comprised of simple yet effective guitar and bass riffs with lyrics about the struggles of a jealous heart. Clocking just above 2 minutes, this one manages to keep the listener interested the whole song through and leave you begging for more! 

Cutpurse Blues‘ is a mid tempo rhythm and blues song with poetic lyrics about one’s quest to find his or her place in society. The flowing rhythm section and melodic guitar works topped with smooth vocals offer an easy listening and pleasing result. 

1003‘ is a rapid-fire banger with a call and response structure with lyrics about the lowlife’s everyday struggle for survival. The song kicks-off with a deadly guitar riff, opens up in the middle with an epic saxophone solo followed by a guitar solo only to come back down on its final ever so fiercely, all under the 2 minutes count! 

Booboo‘ is a mid tempo rhythm and blues song with lyrics oriented towards social criticism. The train drumbeat, the walking basslines and the melodic guitar works topped with smooth vocals offer an easy listening and pleasing result. 

Nomadic Step‘ draws inspiration from 60s Motown as well as sleazy 70s pub rock, this one’s a light-hearted stomper about seeing an unsuspected love constantly sliding through your hands. The action packed single combines a restless rhythm section with jumpy guitars and a string trio shrilling and thrilling through the song, graciously covered with nonchalant crackly vocals. 

Holy Water‘ is a slow ballad with lyrics about lost love and loneliness. Incorporating piano  brass, and string arrangements over lush chord changes, the song is a pleasant listen that differs from the rest of the band’s repertoire. 

(Bye Bye) Little Uptown Girl‘ is a fast paced, stop-n-go power pop song. The witty lyrics describe a toxic relationship which needs to be brought to an end in a funny, detached manner. The song is built upon a primitive, jungle drum beat, and a simple and effective bassline while the guitars and vocals work in a call and response fashion. 

In addition to releasing their new album, Dangereens are doing a limited run of Tough Luck vinyl, available for pre-order now! The vinyl will include all 14 beloved tracks, a must have for any collector. You can pre-order HERE


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