BLOODHUNTER  releases new video “A Twist of Fate to Come”


BLOODHUNTER releases the music video “A Twist Of Fate To Come” as the first teaser for their upcoming album ‘Knowledge Was The Price’

“A Twist of Fate to Come” is the first single from the new BLOODHUNTER album called “Knowledge was the Price”, which will be released next May 27th.

David Romeu (Winner Horse Productions) has produced this new videoclip which represents the constant struggle to overcome all difficulties that fate imposes on us. “This song intends to provide continuity and being a link to the already existing material of BLOODHUNTER, which shows the usual forcefulness that serves as a transition to the rest of the tracks from the album. “A Twist of Fate to Come” is a metaphor about the myth of Adam and Eve and their expulsion from paradise after choosing knowledge instead of submission”.


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