Black Palle new album “Black Palle” Release Date

Black Palle

Black Palle Sign With Wormholedeath And Announce “Black Palle” Album Release Date

Finnish rock’n’roll / metal combo Black Palle are pleased to announce that they have signed a distributon deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their self-titled album “Black Palle”.

“Black Palle” will be out on 20/12/2019 via Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Wormholedeath USA. 

Black Palle plays Heavy Metal!  Let`s say, Raw Metal with a strong old school vibe. Not too polished, fancy, technical or drop tuned guitars kind of stuff. Well and not too much pop choruses! Black Palle is straight forward, meat and potatoes, injection of old school metal! Yes, I like metal music just like that! In my opinion the debut of Black Palle include the best elements of old school metal, with respect for tradition. But, also having a fresh and modern attitude. Songs are also bit like, hats off to all the old, the best and the biggest metal bands. Respect to all our heroes! The songs were recorded in late 2018 in Finland and mixed in summer 2019 in Italy. We decided to try to make just honest and simple Heavy Metal! It was on target. keep it simple! The album is dedicated to all metal music fans who long for good old school metal. Especially from a newcomer band like us! An raw and honest debut album for all metal heads!” 

Pastori Leif Kylliäinen / Black Palle

About Black Palle

In 2018, the notorious urban eastern Helsinki, January and biting frost. Outdoors probably over minus 20 degrees cold. Old factory hall, presence of Heavy Metal Gods and Black Palle’s first training… First riffs, rhythms and vibes. At first, friends Pastori, Igor and K.T. played and trained as a trio. Almost all of the songs got their shape quickly in almost a few weeks. Pastori had dozens of songs which were almost ready, so they could afford to choose.

The next step was to get the raw singer with attitude! Pastori Kylliäinen and Palle Wishbone met by chance at a construction site where they both worked at the time. After work, they went for a beer and started talking about music and Pastori’s heavy metal band. At some point, the Pastori asked Palle to try singing with the band. Well, Palle had already said he is capable of at least scream. The thing worked and Palle continues to scream and sing at Black Palle. A four-man lineup with guitar, bass, drums and vocals did rehearsaled songs for a few months. Not too much restrictions or expectations for music were set. Music would be just it what it would be and It will be Great! As long as it is enough Metal! And enough raw Rock n`Roll with balls..! In November 2018, it was decided to go to the studio to record the songs. The songs was recorded in Finland in a couple of days and almost entirely live. In addition, only a couple of extra guitars and vocals and that’s it. Finally, the album was mixed and mastered in Italy summer 2019. Black Palle’s debut (Black Palle) is scheduled for release in late 2019. (Release by WormholeDeath). Hopefully the Gods of Heavy Metal are merciful for Black Palle and all of us!  Rock n` Roll!!!


1.Death Comes to All

2.Rush to the Grave

3.Nuclear Holocaust

4.Curse of Deadly Lake

5.And You Know the Rest

6.Gambling with the Devil

7.Long Way to Go

8.Heavy Metal from Hell

9.Already Gone

10.Stand as a King

11.Devil`s Band

12.Time to Die


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