BLACK PAISLEY releases “Woman I Know”


“Woman I know” is the new song and video from Black Paisley that will be out next Thursday 30

Walpurgis Night is a celebration of Saint Walpurgis that was hailed by the Christians for battling “pest, rabies, as well as against witchcraft”. The new Paisley song “Woman I Know” is a classic rock piece with elements of both 70’s Lizzy, screaming organs and bluesy shuffle guitars.

“Well only time can tell what or if they in the future will hail all the heroes around the globe
that today battling against Corona for our wellbeing with a dedicated night like Walpurgis”

We couldn ́t think of a better day to release our new tune, to celibrate all heroes out there
serving our loved ones and fans around the globe

History of Black Paisley

Black Paisley from Stockholm, Sweden delivers Classic rock with a spice of AOR and modern country.

Since the start 2015 – the band has reached several millions plays on Spotify and YouTube. In 2017 the band debuted with the album “Late Bloomer” that had success among critics and bloggers, which was followed by “Perennials” in September of 2018.

During 2019 & 2020 the band has released new songs and continues delivering music to the growing amount of fans from all corners of the world.

Black Paisley is:

  • Stefan Blomqvist – Lead vocals and guitar
  • Ulf Hedin – Guitars
  • Jan Emanuelsson – Bass
  • Robert Wirensjö – Keyboards
  • Mikael Kerslow – Drums and Percussion.


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