Beyond All Recognition releases ‘Tale Of A Traitor”


Beyond all Recognition are a dubcore band from VästeråsSweden who had their debut release in 2011. Their first single Characters was an instant success and since its release has accumulated nearly 500,000 views on YouTube. Since then they’ve been touring Europe with bands such as Dead By April and Adept and played Sweden Rock festival.  The band split up in 2017 but are now back with an EP consisting of five unreleased songs. 

Today, Beyond All Recognition is releasing their second single ‘Tale Of A Traitor’ from upcoming EP ‘This Is Dubcore!’. The first single ‘From Another Point Of View’ was released earlier this year and received a warm reception from fans. This special collection of five tracks features the band’s pioneering sound that helped define the genre of Dubcore. ‘Tale Of A Traitor‘ is the perfect combination of aggressive and intense style, blending elements of electronic music with heavy riffs.

Stream ‘From Another Point Of View’


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