AxMinister new Music Video “The Succubus and The Crucible of Sin”


AxMinister Unleash new Music Video ‘The Succubus and The Crucible of Sin’. EP “The Crucible of Sin” Out Now!

If you are fan of Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Manowar or Slayer you will love this “The Succubus and The Crucible of Sin” of AxMinister

Drummer Bas Majzoub (aka Bas von Bismark) adds:

“Starting with a concept, this two-plus year journey starts reaching an exciting climax in this fourth episode. Seeking revenge, our hero battles his nemesis in a brutal no holds barred sword fight, while his captive wife fights for her life against a beast of a man. The product of a lot of hard work and passion, the ‘Crucible of Sin’ video series is reaching the apex. The response so far has been humbling, and hope our fans, and those new to the band, enjoy episode iv, ‘The Succubus and The Crucible of Sin’, a song dealing with our moral evolution as a species, and general moral relativism.”The video is 4th episode in the band’s planned 5 part series to give fans a visual guide to tell the story of their latest EP “The Crucible of Sin”. The trio has previously released videos  Prey‘ (Eps. 1), Salvation (Eps. 2) and The Trials of Hercules (Eps. 3). All 5 episodes/music videos in the series were produced and directed by drummer Bas Majzoub (aka Bas von Bismark).

“The Crucible of Sin” is available for digital download and stream on BandcampiTunes and Spotify.

The band adds:

“Our EP “The Crucible of Sin” sports a sense of humour. It tries to tell a… at times, nihilistic, a story about love, lust, oppression, and redemption. Following every recording and show, we try to reflect on our own mistakes and attempt to improve. We grew to understand our 90s thrash/traditional style of songwriting and compose accordingly. This EP has that ‘90’s warm thrash sound akin to Megadeth’s Youthanasia album. We hope old and new audiences join us on a journey that is at times fictional, visual and imaginative, while other times introspective and contemplative. We like you to dance, headbang, and mosh to it.”


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