AViVAnew single”Cursed”


AViVA Is Ending The Year With Her Last Single For 2020 “Cursed”

After the year that has been 2020, AViVA is ending the year with a highly anticipated single
“CURSED”. After the song was first previewed during her USA tour this March, AViVA has been waiting for the right time to release the single and feel like the end this year is the right choice.

Here is what AViVA has said about “CURSED” “This has been a crazy year for everybody. Some people might have even felt that it has been a cursed year, but this song isn’t about that. ‘CURSED’ is about the feeling of being trapped by something, someone, a memory and then escaping but never really feeling free. It’s that whisper that finds you in the dark of the night, that hovers over you when you’d just rather let go and forget. ‘CURSED’ is both the plea and the power because once you realise that it’s hovering over you, you have found the first crack in its facade and you can start taking your life back into your own hands”.

Despite the global pandemic, AViVA has had a busy year, with her debut USA tour, the release of her first album “Volume I” and the launch of her own fashion label WYTCH.
She’s not one for holding punches and her latest single “CURSED” is no exception.


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