Album Review: Zadra “Guiding Star” (2022)


August Zadra jumps to the forefront of the international melodic rock scene with his first album entitled “Guiding Star”

Guiding Star is the debut of the American guitarist, singer, and composer August Zadra.

Zadra is one of those musicians who until now have been in the background of the music scene and who, on this occasion, has decided to take action and become a protagonist.

The skills of the musician in question are more than recognized in the rock business, proof of which is that some legendary stars have counted on him to play on their albums or do backing vocals. We refer, mainly, to Dennis DeYoung, the former singer of Styx, and whose band is part since 2010 actively participating in their albums “26 East, Vol. 1” and “26 East, Vol. 2. 

Robin Zander and more. I have the feeling that Zadra is one of those essential performers to accompany and enhance other artists with more renown. A gifted musician.
In addition, he is part of the young band Waiting For Monday, along with Rudy Cardenas who would release their debut in 2010, also, under the same label, getting good reviews from fans and industry press.

The band features musicians such as Jeff Scott Soto on backing vocals, Alessandro Del Vecchio on bass, keyboards, and backing vocals. Jelly Cardarelli on drums. Guillermo De Medio, Pete Alpenborg, and Jan Akesson (who also contribute to the songwriting) on additional keyboards. The album is produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio who also takes part in the songwriting duties.

Focusing on the album, Guiding Star is the vehicle through which Zadra has had the opportunity to showcase her seamless talent, where refined compositions stand out. Her voice is full and tasteful and she can shine, both as lead singer or doing impeccable backing vocals.

He is a good guitarist, one of those who play the songs with efficiency, he unravels brilliant guitar melodies without showing off virtuosity, well constructed and adequately fitted in the song.
Guiding Star begins with a brief choral introduction, Come together, with multiple harmonized voices and a clearly tribal touch, the author invites us to walk with him on this journey.

“Nothing More To Say” was the first single from Guiding Star, with a strong chorus and where Zadra shows his guitar skills. This song has the charm of early 90’s AOR.

“Ship Of Fools”, demonstrating that he has good vocal skills, shamelessly showing off throughout the cut.

“Come Back To Me”, have some touches of the eighties that remind me of classics like Mr. Mister or Strangeways.

“Escape The Rain”, a half-time with Martin Jepsen Andersen on rhythm guitars.

“A Matter Of Yesterday”, is a nice ballad with baroque tints, Jimmy Leahey does here the acoustic guitars and a great solo.

“I’ll Meet You In Heaven” stands out a little less of the set, for my taste, but it passes with great note.

“Take My Hand”, where the solo of keyboards of Dennis DeYoung and the voices of Jeff Scott Soto achieve an incomparable result, for a theme of more classic cut.

“Dream Of You”, is a fantastic ballad something closer to pop, very beautiful.

Hardening after the calm, “Won’t Let Your Love Take Me Down”, where Andrea Seveso plays the rhythm guitars.

“Rise From The Fire” puts the melodic finishing touch to a full-length of great qualities.

If Zadra already had my respects when I barely knew him with Dennis Deyoung, now with more reason, I pay him total homage. August Zadra may become an outstanding reference in the field of melodic rock, he certainly deserves it.

Review by Alice


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