“EAGLE FLIGHT” Album Review: Revolution Saints’ Fourth Album with New Line-Up (2023) – 100% Enjoyable

Led by drummer and vocalist Deen Castronovo (formerly of Journey), the band returns with a new lineup for their fourth album following the departures of Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio, The Dead Daisies) and Jack Blade (Night Ranger). The new Mark II features Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner) and Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Icon).

The album, titled “Eagle Flight,” offers a breath of fresh air compared to its predecessor “Rise.” Deen’s characteristic AOR-style vocals, reminiscent of the great Steve Perry, are a standout feature throughout. Like the first three albums, Alessandro Del Vecchio handles production and contributes keyboards and backing vocals, adding to the enveloping and atmospheric sound present on many of the tracks.

The band exudes revitalized energy, with Hoekstra’s sophisticated and stellar solos perfectly complementing Castronovo’s vocals and Pilson’s commanding choir work. The result is a first-class musical mastery, aided by a clear production that showcases the band’s newfound vigor.

The album’s opening track, “Eagle Flight,” sets the tone with a melodic piano intro by Del Vecchio that sets the stage for Hoekstra’s powerful guitar and Castronovo’s electrifying vocals. “Talking Like Strangers” has a structure reminiscent of the hard rock and AOR sounds of the mid-80s, with a catchy chorus that leaves a lasting impression.

“Need Each Other” and “Kids Will Be Kids” showcase the band’s power with strong riffs and solid vocals. “I’ll Cry For You Tonight” features excellent orchestration and impressive guitar work, adding a delightful touch to the album. “Crime of the Century” and “Set Yourself Free” are rocking tracks that showcase the passion and strength of the musicians.

“Scared” stands out with its great melodic line and exceptional bridge and chorus. “Once More” takes us back to the classic sounds of bands like Toto and Journey, with Castronovo’s emotional vocals leading the way. The album concludes with “Save it All,” perhaps the most upbeat track reminiscent of the band’s debut album.

Overall, the album is a great success, though some listeners may miss the more forceful guitar presence, as the instruments are occasionally overshadowed by the keyboards in the mixing and production. Nonetheless, the album is thoroughly enjoyable for fans of the genre from beginning to end.

Revolution Saints “Eagle Flight” (Frontiers Music 2023) Tracklist

  1. Eagle Flight
  2. Talking Like Strangers
  3. Need Each Other
  4. Kids Will Be Kids
  5. I’ll Cry For You Tonight
  6. Crime Of Century
  7. Set Yourself Free
  8. Sacred
  9. Once More
  10. Save It All

Production and Formation of Revolution Saints “Eagle Flight”

  • Producer: Alessandro Del Vecchio-Keyboards and Backing Vocals
  • Revolution Saints:
  • Deen Castronovo- Lead Vocals, Drums
  • Joel Hoekstra-Guitars
  • Jeff Pilson-Bass, Backing Vocals

Raul Almax

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album-review-revolution-saints-eagle-flight-2023 "Eagle Flight" is an exciting new release that is sure to delight rock fans everywhere. Led by the legendary Deen Castronovo (Journey), the album is a breath of fresh air and a departure from its predecessor "Rise." Castronovo's powerful vocals, reminiscent of the great AOR vocalists of the past, including Steve Perry of Journey, make this album a must-listen for any rock lover. Don't miss out on the thrilling sound of "Eagle Flight" and experience the magic for yourself!


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