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Album Review. FIRST SIGNAL “Close To The Edge” (2022)


First Signal returns with a fourth studio album, entitled “Close To The Edge”

First Signal came about with an offer from Serafino Perugino to Harry Hess, in which he offered the Canadian singer some tracks that were in tune with Harem Scarem’s style. Hess not only considered it an acceptable proposal but has been alternating his career with his parent band, with his recordings with First Signal to date.

To accompany him on this journey they counted on German producer Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Khymera) presenting a first album, of the same title, in 2010.

However, Dennis Ward would only take part in the debut, being replaced at the controls by Daniel Flores. Flores is a drummer and a prolific Swedish musician, who is both in the production of albums, as in the interpretation of them. He has participated in a multitude of groups such as The Murder Of My Sweet, Find Me, Palace, and Jim Jidhed, among others.

As it usually happens, linked to this kind of project are always the bearers of the raw material, the songs. In this album Pete Alpenborg (Arctic Rain), Guillermo Del Medio (Inner Stream), Alessandro Del Vecchio, Kristian Fyhr (Seventh Crystal), and Herman Nori are involved as composers.
We can say that reaching the fourth album is already a good sign, some other musical unions have had a shorter run, so we can say that First Signal has already made a small, but a suggestive contribution to AOR and the melodic rock catalog.

This album contains a handful of consistent tracks with great melodies, layers of keyboards, succulent riffs, and of course, the main protagonist, the vocals.

Harry Hess is one of the most respected singers in the rock music scene, he is one of the ambassadors of AOR, in part, for his vocal majesty and, on the other hand, for his already classic legacy with Harem Scarem.

Drums and production are in charge of Flores. The bass and guitars are not mentioned in the press release, so we will have to wait for the album to know them.

The album features eleven tracks kicking off with the catchy single “Don’t Let It End” with some killer keyboard arrangements and vocals that burn with force.

Backed by shimmering rhythm guitars and great backing vocals, “I Don’t Wanna Feel The Night Is Over” is the perfect way to get to know the band.

Demolishing cuts like “Show Me The Way” with some techno keyboards or “Don’t Look Away”, which is raising the punch of the drums towards the end, are probably, the two best cuts of the album, two very joyful tracks.

“Irreplaceable” and “The Hurting One”, with that sound so characteristic of Harem Scarem, you would think that these two tracks were composed by Hess himself.

“Mystery” with an air that reminds me of Work of Art or any other current Swedish band.

The half-time “One More Time” with a remarkable guitar solo. The typical ballad “Angel With A Rose” sung by two voices, if I’m not mistaken, and “Got To Believe” where Hess shows off his splendorous and imperishable voice.

This fourth album continues to travel the melodic paths already advanced in their previous albums, surprisingly catchy songs and a unique vocal talent make this “Close To The Edge”, a work that will captivate the audience from the first listen.

Review by Alice



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