Album Review. Elegant Weapons “Horns for a Halo” (2023)


Elegant Weapons ‘Horns for a Halo’ album review: Unleashing Heavy Metal Fury and Unforgettable Anthems

We will go into details shortly, but the truth is that I had a blast enjoying this album. The great Richie Faulkner seems like he can’t stay still. A few months ago, he gave us all a scare with his heart problems while showcasing his brilliance in JUDAS PRIEST, solidifying his indispensable role in Halford’s band.

But now Faulkner has found another way to keep moving: Elegant Weapons. These guys are a superband in capital letters, at least when it comes to recordings. In “Horns for a Halo,” Faulkner joins forces with Scott Travis, the drummer from JUDAS PRIEST, bassist Rex Brown from PANTERA, and vocalist Ronnie Romero from RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW / LORDS OF BLACK.

And the incredible thing is that they are not just names. Faulkner has masterfully combined PRIEST’s classic metal style with hard and raw rock. But to top it all off, we have the icing on the cake, the incredible melodic voice of Romero, and Elegant Weapons has all the ingredients for a great time of pure heavy metal. Even their somewhat mysterious name has its charm.

But most importantly, “Horns for a Halo” is filled with exciting and memorable rock anthems. It’s not a revolution, but Faulkner has demonstrated his ability to compose, giving this album an irresistible diversity and a certain character of its own.

The songs “Bitter Pill” and “Blind Leading The Blind” are tremendous. They have the strength and energy needed to remind us of Faulkner’s work in JUDAS PRIEST, but they also have that touch of bluesy swagger.

“Dead Man Walking” has its roots in 80s metal, especially IRON MAIDEN, but its dark riffs could fit perfectly on a BLACK LABEL SOCIETY album.

Furthermore, the blues is present in all its splendor. “Dirty Pig” is a gritty rhythm full of resentment that makes Romero’s soulful voice shine like a diamond.

“Do Or Die” leans towards high-speed speed metal, with a strong aroma of “Painkiller.”

“Downfall Rising” flirts with southern doom metal, with melodies and harmonies in the style of ALICE IN CHAINS. But once again, Romero’s voice connects us with the old school of rock.

album review elegant weapons horns for a halo

Ballads? Well, yes, but with a dark touch, as in “Ghost Of You,” where Elegant Weapons showcases their dramatic ability.

And the catchy “Horns for a Halo,” the title track of the album, where the band glides into a funky rock rhythm while Faulkner’s solos add the emotional touch.

Elegant Weapons’ album “Horns for a Halo” consists of ten powerful songs full of energy and attitude. But these cannons wouldn’t be the same without top-notch production. This work boasts a powerful and modern sound, thanks to the renowned producer Andy Sneap.

And now what? Well, what we’re missing is enjoying these monsters live. I sincerely hope that this project is not just a flash in the pan and that the band can become a fixture in the metal music scene.


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